Monday, November 9, 2009

Working outside my comfort zone... Whew! It's fun!

I decided to take a challenge from a friend and work on something outside of my comfort zone.  So, I pillaged through my supplies for a medium that I could work in... I discovered polymer clay!  WOW!  It is so fun to work with.  I enjoyed creating pendants from scratch and watching them grow from a blob of clay into a beautiful piece of art!

Of course, I added my typical "Heather" flare to each of them and painted them with my favorite colors... and added ephemera... and added a bit of this and that to come up with these marvelous pendants...

On some of the pendants, I added both ephemera and embellishments....

And again on some I added pieces of found objects like antique fork handles or crystals...

I also used rubber stamps to add texture and to create more depth.

I'm finding that the more I work in this medium, I love it.  I am stretching my comfort level as an artist and releasing my fear.  Not only that, but I feel that a handmade pendant means more to a piece than a store bought pendant.  Having a one of a kind handmade pendant means that you will not see your friends wearing the exact same necklace.  You are unique so why shouldn't your jewelry be??? 

Don't get me wrong, working outside of my comfort zone was scary at first.  I was nervous because it made me feel like I did when I first started creating art to sell.  However, I read and researched polymer clay and became knowledgeable before I tried it.  I was also inspired by a piece of jewelry that I saw in one of my favorite magazines. 

The challenge was difficult, but rewarding.  Now, I am working on a new challenge that my friend Lisa brought up... minimizing my palatte when I paint... Stay tuned to see how that works!!


  1. These pendants are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on creating such beautiful pieces. :) Theresa

  2. Wonderful pieces! I love polymer clay. It is SO versatile!! :)