Thursday, September 24, 2009

A picture paints a thousand words....

How do we make our online venues better??? What do we do to ensure that we positively represent our quality product?

The answer, my friends is probably not simple, but I can tell you in one word: PICTURES! Since we are online, our pictures have to do the talking for us. Our customers can't hold our product and turn it over in their hands. They can't try it on... We have to have a set of really good pictures that do more than show our product. Our pictures have to speak to the customer.

I got a compliment today on my pictures - for the first time ever!! Another seller told me that the lightly scripted background that I started using for my pics this week was "a classy touch to my beautiful jewelry." This made me blush, but it also made me want to retake the pictures for the rest of the items in my shop. However, that would mean taking about 250 pictures in one day, so I decided that it will take some time to get them all done. I am taking this critique to heart.
I read a great piece of information that I purchased from RiskyBeads on Etsy. This instructional masterpiece really helped me see the light. I would like to send kudos. Many thanks!!
My advice to anyone who has put their heart and soul into their online shop, but feels like they need to do more is to buy this book! Not only read it, but heed the advice.

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