Thursday, September 3, 2009

Honoring other Etsians - Narcissism takes a back seat today...

Typically, I blog about myself and what I am doing. However, today I have decided to blog about others in the Etsy community that I have personally purchased items from. Yes, I know I create jewelry and can sew, but there are times that another person's work just speaks to me. So take a look and enjoy the work of the three ladies that I am highlighting today: Do-Rah! Designs, Musette and Saints and Sinners.

Do-Rah! Designs recently created a FABULOUS lunch bag for a very happy customer (me) and I feel that I must sing Debi's praises. Not only is this bag beautiful, it is well made. Below is the link to her shop.

Here is the link to this gorgeous safari tote:

Now, here is one of my favorite jewelry shops that I look to when I am searching for THE necklace or bracelet - Musette. There is a SALE going on this weekend so PLEASE check it out! I may be purchasing another of Musette's beautiful necklaces.

This is the link to her shop:

And here is my FAVORITE listing:

Finally, I want to highlight one of my favorite all-around artists and jewelry designers- Barbe Saint John! Barbe visited us here in Lancaster last May and taught the House of Dreams workshop. I can also say that I am the proud owner of FOUR (4) of Barbe's jewelry designs.

Here is the link to Barbe's Etsy shop:

And here is my FAVORITE listing:

Here is the link to this listing:

So, ladies and gentlemen - PLEASE check out these shops because if I am pleased with the quality and pure beauty of their work (I am soooo picky), then I know you will be too.


  1. These are beautiful! More contemporary than what I wear, but stunning tho. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the praise and the shout out! I heart you!