Thursday, September 24, 2009

A picture paints a thousand words....

How do we make our online venues better??? What do we do to ensure that we positively represent our quality product?

The answer, my friends is probably not simple, but I can tell you in one word: PICTURES! Since we are online, our pictures have to do the talking for us. Our customers can't hold our product and turn it over in their hands. They can't try it on... We have to have a set of really good pictures that do more than show our product. Our pictures have to speak to the customer.

I got a compliment today on my pictures - for the first time ever!! Another seller told me that the lightly scripted background that I started using for my pics this week was "a classy touch to my beautiful jewelry." This made me blush, but it also made me want to retake the pictures for the rest of the items in my shop. However, that would mean taking about 250 pictures in one day, so I decided that it will take some time to get them all done. I am taking this critique to heart.
I read a great piece of information that I purchased from RiskyBeads on Etsy. This instructional masterpiece really helped me see the light. I would like to send kudos. Many thanks!!
My advice to anyone who has put their heart and soul into their online shop, but feels like they need to do more is to buy this book! Not only read it, but heed the advice.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Base update!

As of five o'clock today, I noticed in the Google reporting for Google Base (say that three times really fast!) that my impressions and page views have picked up... some. I renamed ALL 80ish of my items and realized that cute, artistic inspired names are just not what gets Google search query results.

When naming your item, for Etsy or anywhere else, think of how your customer would search for what they want to buy. For instance, my necklace posted in the last blog was titled "Minerva's Garden" - well who would actually search for that online??? It doesn't even exist. So, I changed the name to "Garden of Good and Evil necklace with turquoise and crystal" and it has gotten several more views in just a few minutes.

I am glad that my jewelry will be getting views after the first twenty minutes it was listed. I will be working to monitor this all day tomorrow as well. Don't worry, I will keep you posted!

What is in a product name???

I consume the informatin in the Etsy forums about bettering our shops... Some buyers like creative names for merchandise, but does that get you in Google search results? I've been studying and reading and more studying and more reading and watching podcasts and webcasts and any other kind of cast out there...

Although I am not an expert on the subject by any means I have decided that I am going to take the advice of the more successful sellers on Etsy: Practice makes perfect! Experiment with trial and error to find the best way to market your shop.

I signed up for Google Base this weekend in order to get the hang of it and learn from the reports before Etsy takes over the task and enters our merchandise in Google Base for me. By having access to the results myself for a period of time, I can learn the steps necessary to get more page views of my products - and perhaps increase my sales.

From everything that I have read, Google Base uses our product names - not our Etsy tags - in their search query results. So, in the middle of everything that I have to do today, I have decided to take time to rename all 80ish art jewelry items in my shop, re-upload the Google Base feed and see if that changes things. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A new medium... Inspiration or perspiration?

This weekend I took on a task which required me to work in a medium that I am unfamiliar with - crystals and beads. I know that I use crystals in many of my projects, but not a project complete with crystals, sparkle, glam and innovation. I had to create something that I had never created before - something that required lots of thought and research. I had to draw out the plan first before I created in order to make sure that I had enough materials.

Don't get me wrong. I love beads and beading. However, creating jewelry with few or no metal components is really challenging. I am always tossing a chain in a project or using something recycled. I love gaudy jewelry. I love big and flamboyant pieces of wearable art that will reveal what is hidden deep in my soul.

I created two pieces of jewelry for a submission that I cannot discuss nor show pictures of... This is the hard part because I love the feedback from my friends and colleagues. Perhaps it is my narcissitic nature that comes with being a Sagittarius. I don't know. Rest assured, they meet my quality standards and need for flamboyance.

Thought for the day: Do something outside your comfort level. You will rise to the challenge.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Honoring other Etsians - Narcissism takes a back seat today...

Typically, I blog about myself and what I am doing. However, today I have decided to blog about others in the Etsy community that I have personally purchased items from. Yes, I know I create jewelry and can sew, but there are times that another person's work just speaks to me. So take a look and enjoy the work of the three ladies that I am highlighting today: Do-Rah! Designs, Musette and Saints and Sinners.

Do-Rah! Designs recently created a FABULOUS lunch bag for a very happy customer (me) and I feel that I must sing Debi's praises. Not only is this bag beautiful, it is well made. Below is the link to her shop.

Here is the link to this gorgeous safari tote:

Now, here is one of my favorite jewelry shops that I look to when I am searching for THE necklace or bracelet - Musette. There is a SALE going on this weekend so PLEASE check it out! I may be purchasing another of Musette's beautiful necklaces.

This is the link to her shop:

And here is my FAVORITE listing:

Finally, I want to highlight one of my favorite all-around artists and jewelry designers- Barbe Saint John! Barbe visited us here in Lancaster last May and taught the House of Dreams workshop. I can also say that I am the proud owner of FOUR (4) of Barbe's jewelry designs.

Here is the link to Barbe's Etsy shop:

And here is my FAVORITE listing:

Here is the link to this listing:

So, ladies and gentlemen - PLEASE check out these shops because if I am pleased with the quality and pure beauty of their work (I am soooo picky), then I know you will be too.