Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raison d'etre???

With my exhibition at the University of South Carolina - Lancaster less than three weeks away, my stress level has been on full blast! What if I don't have enough art to fill the space even though I have fully inspected it. What if something that I have been working on breaks or gets ruined before the show (clumsy is my middle name)?

I have to send my exhibit name, bio, exhibition resume, artist statement and picture to Fran Gardner today, so I am really down to the wire. I don't know why I am fretting and stressing out so much when she thought enough of my art to ask me to exhibit. Does every artist feel this way?
I wanted to give you a small preview of what I will have on display. The piece to the left is one of the items that will not be for sale, but on display. This reliquary necklace features an antiqued sterling painter's palette with genuine peridot, ruby, topaz, blue topaz, pink sapphire and another ruby. I found this at a vintage jewelry store in Beaufort, South Carolina. It also features large blue and clear crystals with small Swarovski crystals and an antiqued brass chain. The copper hanging tag reads "ETRE" - the French verb "to be." I created this for myself because painting and art are my raison d'etre.
I also have created a number of hanging reliquaries such as the piece below. "The Loneliness" depicts a boy whose sole purpose (raison d'etre) on this earth is to love you. I included a small internal shrine within with his heart attached. You can't read the words "touched" behind the heart because of the angle of my camera, but it's there.

Another piece that I created for the USC-L show is my bicycle collage. What child does not love a bicycle? It seems to be the raison d'etre for all children worldwide. As a matter of fact, I have very fond memories of riding bicycles with my cousin Christy at Lake Mayer during my childhood years.

Each piece in this exhibit depicts a different "reason to be" throughout a person's life. Therefore, I have solved the biggest issue I faced with getting all my information to Fran. I have finally discovered the name of my exhibit.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jack the Dripper - Jackson Pollock still inspires me...

Jackson Pollock is one of my favorite modern artists. In fact, I literally become overjoyed at the thought of one of his paintings. Actually, the truth is, I become insanely excited at the thought of seeing or touching one -- yet, I know that touching is out of the question -- the museum would cart me off in cuffs. The closest that I can come is to create my own Jackson Pollock inspired paintings.
I created this small necklace using a technique that is called a "controlled drip" that Jackson Pollock perfected at a MUCH LARGER scale. After I dripped my paint on my canvas, I guided the drips into different directions using the edge of a blunt metal knife. After that, I used a wire hair pick to pull through the paint. That caused the "pulled" look.
This necklace is for sale in my Etsy shop and has had over 20 views since I uploaded it ten minutes ago. This is a boost for my ego because I have items in the shop that have been there a month and have less views than that. Please note that I can create custom ordered canvas necklaces with your favorite color palette. I hope to hear from you soon :-)