Friday, June 12, 2009

Brass Monkey - the Funky Monkey!!

I've not blogged in a month! I could make up excuses like "I've been busy" or "I haven't had any good topics." Well, the truth is... I've been lazy when it comes to keeping up with my blog. Not like 'fat and lazy' but there have just been other priorites.

I have been going to the my studio at Chastain's Studio Lofts and painting. I took a shrine workshop with Barbe Saint John, who is a fabulous mixed media artist in the San Francisco area. I participated in Femme Fest in Charlotte, which I might add -- WAS A BLAST and for a good cause!
In the mix of all these activities, I have been creating. My friend Robin brought me a bag of goodies from a free bin at a yard sale. Betsy Craig brought me some old and rusty things. Thank you - both of you!!
The reason that I mention this is that Robin brought me a brass monkey hook thing. I fell in love with this brass monkey. I hung this little brass monkey over my desk in my home studio and just observed him for about a week. Every day, he made me smile just by thinking about him and then looking up. He's such a playful little guy!

To make a long story short, I had to create a necklace out of this cute little monkey. He cheered me up just looking at him. When I tried the necklace on, I felt the urge to dance. I became silly. I felt as if the energy from this fabulous little guy took over my mind and spirit. It was such a fun wear.

I teetered back and forth on whether or not I would keep him for myself. However, being the idealist that I am, I figured that there is someone out there who could use a little uplifting in their life. They would probably need this monkey more than me. So, here he is folks! Here's my little brass monkey; he's such a funky monkey.
You can visit my funky monkey in my Etsy shop at:

(PS: I do play the Beastie Boys in my studio quite often...)

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