Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bottle Baby

I LOVE mini liquor bottles. I don't know what I like more about them - the sweetness of the tiny bottle or the nostalgic feeling I get when I remember that South Carolina used to only sell booze in the mini bottles. Perhaps it is the whole art aspect of the little bottles. The mini Crown Royal bottles seem to make perfect bodies for my HooDoo dolls.
This sweet little fellow is made from epoxy putty, epoxy resin, a mini crown royal bottle, a kewpie doll head, various porcelain doll extremities, ephemera, wings, little red rubber balls and a brass envelope around it's neck. Inside the envelope is a shiny brass note that says "I love you."
I created this HooDoo doll so the owner could remember how important it is to believe that you can be loved. HooDoo dolls are a big deal in the Low Country of South Carolina and with the Geechie folk in Savannah, Georgia. HooDoos are the opposite of VooDoo dolls. One would possess a HooDoo doll for good fortune, true love, prosperity and any other positive affirmation that the owner wishes to call upon herself.
This little guy is not quite finished. He still needs a shrine home so he can be put away when he's not in use. Typically, the HooDoo doll is wrapped in a white shroud (the VooDoo doll is supposed to be wrapped in black) and kept out direct daylight. This is because the sun's powerful rays could overpower the little doll and the incantation may not work.
I hope you enjoyed the little taste of the Low Country and Savannah because they are such a huge inspiration to my art.