Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My magical box of pleasure

Yes, I know how this appears. However, I feel like a kid at Christmas when I know a box of goodies is coming in the mail. Today, it was FedEx that brought my box of "magical" goodies. My box of goodies is for a workshop that I can't wait to attend! As a mixed media and assemblage artist, it is going to be a pleasure to learn from another artist - another alchemist! Barbe Saint John will be in Lancaster, South Carolina on May 23 to offer tricks of the trade and her perspective on this type of art that many of us find so fascinating.

I will be collecting knick-knacks and bibleots for my "House of Dreams" and for my husband's. My box today contained some old taipei pieces, a miniature domino, a new apron (guilty pleasure), some vintage three sided dice and frosted glass... OH and these fabulous door hinges. I can't wait to put this stuff together and I pray that I create a shrine worthy to house these hinges.

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