Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A bicycle built for two

While on a rainy day bank excursion with Joel-zilla, yesterday's four-year-old shopping companion, we came across a shopping center that I had never seen before. Of course, I had no choice but to stop in and see what was there. The shopping center was filled with trees and some of the stores were tucked away and separated from the other stores. This was a welcome change of scenery.

Among the typical chain stores, I found a store that had character. Since it was a chain store as well, I had been to its sister establishments before. However, like this hidden shopping center, this store had character. It was darker... older... it just had an all around strange air about it. I LOVED IT!

Inside the store, Joel-zilla and I stumbled across a slue of broken toys in a discount bin. These weren't ordinary toys -- these were wooden toys like the ones that kids played with when my parents were small. Of course, we got all of them and made a mad dash for the checkout.

While maneuvering the aisles so Joel-zilla wouldn't cause any mass destruction, I heard a familiar and sweet "hello." This friendly voice was my friend and fellow artist, Tiffany. Joel-zilla was proud to show Tiffany his treasure - a frog on a bicycle!

Joel's toy was not one of the broken ones, but it did have a clearance tag, which made it even better. A frog on a bicycle, I must say, is one of the strangest things either of us had ever seen. It was hand painted and has such amazing detail. The words of a familiar song wandered into my brain - "but you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."

After we paid for our treasures and left the store, we decided to check out one of the craft stores in the shopping center. While searching for some cigar-sized boxes for an upcoming workshop, I noticed a bicycle pendant. Not your ordinary bicycle pendant... but one that had character. Should I expect any less from this magical shopping center that seemed to appear just for the light-hearted and creative?

I didn't see any other bicycle pendants. Like Joel's toy, this bicycle appeared for us. The song entered my head again. "Daisy, Daisy...I'm half crazy all for the love of you..." I had to have this pendant!! I had to create something fabulous with it and it would be for me and I would love it!!!

Joel-zilla and I paid for our boxes and the pendant and went home. We chatted along the way about the shopping center and our interesting finds. Joel decided to name his frog "Francois" - hehe - and we talked about what to do with the pendant. I've posted a picture of the pendant with the chain. I am certainly not finished with the magical bicycle necklace. For some reason, I just don't think I could do it justice. We'll see, I suppose. Wish me luck!

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