Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lancaster, South Carolina inspired necklace

Face it, Lancaster, SC is the Red Rose city of the south and each resident has been through their share of petals and thorns this year. Here's my tribute to the town that I CHOSE to make my home.
Lancaster, SC citizens are just a fabulous mixture of good ole southern folks, smart and loving congregations and creative artisans trying to emerge from the economic downturn with a positive light. We've been through a lot lately - from a courthouse arson that ruined a beautiful and fabulous historical building on Main St. to being labeled as "Most vulnerable town in the US" by Forbes magazine. Well, phooey on them! I think we're FABULOUS!
Wear this with PRIDE Lancaster lady!

The pattern features red roses and polka dots on a black background. The tin was pounded flat and sanded in order to smooth the surface and remove sharp edges. The pendants are smooth to the touch.The focal point is a red heart bead that came from a broken necklace that I found in a parking lot in Rock Hill as I was loading my groceries. I put an ad in the paper because I would be frantic over losing such a beautiful object, but no one claimed it. It amazes me when such wonderful things are just tossed away without a care in the world. I just don't understand how people can do that. So, the point is, I don't know the age or mineral content of the bead. It looks glass to me. And, I do feel the need to say that all of my found items are completely sanitized before I upcycle them because I am afraid of germs.
Genuine coral beads accent the necklace as well.

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