Thursday, March 5, 2009

I suppose that I need to make a schedule on when I will be blogging, working on Etsy stuff, creating art and when I will be doing my exercises and household chores... Wow... Next week, Joel will be at pre-school (I'm too cheap to pay for a full week when he doesn't get one because of the inclimate weather). I will be working at the studio downtown during that time and I can't wait to be free of the contstraints that have been weighing me down for the past two weeks...

I also need to be working on what inventory will be at Chastain's and what inventory will be in my Etsy store. It's dangerous to be selling the same item in two locations. I don't see it happening, but what if the same item sells at both places before I can remove it from one? I have the craziest fears.

Exercise is an important part to living with my disorder. I need to work on getting that into my schedule. I think that I will be using the stationary bike and the ab lounge regularly. I need to get my sleeping habits under control as well. There is not a single solitary reason that I should stay awake until the rooster's crow. I also need to learn to put the computer down and sleep in my bed not where I happen to be typing. This would be better for my back, that's for sure!

Well, gotta get busy working on my house cleaning so George and I can cleanse it.

Love y'all!


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